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Eugene Alletto, Quarterback/Founder and CEO of Bedgear®, pioneered the technology based sleep solutions category in 2009 when he learned that his son wasn’t sleeping well due to bedding-related allergies. He was advised to use a mattress protector to keep away dust. At that time, the only products available were at medical supply chains and made from vinyl, which caused his son to sweat and overheat, disrupting his sleep. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for improved bedding products, Eugene utilized his manufacturing resources to develop Bedgear’s PERFORMANCE™ line of technology driven sleep solutions.

Experts at innovation, we have mastered advanced textile fabrication techniques to engineer top-of-the-line sleep essentials that deliver the clean, cool, fresh environment your body needs to regenerate and recover while you sleep. The success of Bedgear is not built solely upon heat and moisture-wicking performance products, but also upon being innovative and willing to take risks when it comes to developing new products to deliver superior sleep quality to enhance your active lifestyle. Creating differentiated products built on our patent-pending sales process to fit your sleep position and body frame, Bedgear is redefining the way people look at sleep.

Bedgear is the premier producer of a family of PERFORMANCE™ bedding essentials, with multiple distribution facilities in the US and a state-of the art factory in China. Bedgear is currently sold in over 4,000 locations including the nation’s top 100 specialty bedding retailers, major regional mattress chains and independent stores in the U.S, Canada and Pacific Rim.

Changing the way people THINK sleep®

In our creation of our unique line of PERFORMANCE bedding products and building recognition of sleep as an activity, we aspire to innovate products and processes that are personalized and inspirational.

Our mission is to help you achieve more each day by providing you with maximum recovery at night. Our collection of personalized PERFORMANCE pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, blankets, lounge and travel accessories utilize heat- and moisture-wicking fabric technologies, including Dri-Tec®, Ver-Tex® and Air-X® ventilation system. With these innovations, Bedgear enhances your ability to temperature regulate at night, and to sleep more comfortably, to fuel all your daily activities.

You can't cheat sleep - but you can get more recovery out of the time you spend in bed!

Bedgear’s PERFORMANCE brand of innovative technology driven sleep products was invented to define sleep essentials that provide you with more recovery at night. To ensure that PERFORMANCE conveys bedgear’s unique level of quality and commitment to our customers, we have set out to measure each product in the bedgear family based on the tangible metrics of evaluate air flow, heat dissipation or insulation, moisture transfer, flexibility and fit. From this set of standards, we have created what we call a Performance Base Rating (PBR) for each product in, as well as trademarked the term "CFM" in the bedding class of goods. CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is related to the ASTM (Association for Standards in Textile Manufacturing) test for measuring the air that passes through a fabric. At bedgear, we have established that a minimum of 100 CFM must apply before a product can be considered worthy of joining our line of PERFORMANCE branded products. Airflow measurement is then further assigned to tiers of efficacy up to level 5, or a completely ventilated fabric that allows 100% air pass through. Bedgear protects its intellectual property and respects the intellectual property rights of others.

Bedgear owns utility patents, design patents and an extensive family of PERFORMANCE trademarks by which we indicate and convey the unique quality and technology found in our innovative PERFORMANCE line of products for the bedding industry. We protect these patents and marks to ensure the category of performance bedding always maintains its vision and focus on products that provide functional benefits for improved recovery at night, and doesn't become commoditized with lookalike merchandise.

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86,400 seconds a day, what have you traded for them? Make every second of every day count for something. Do something good today. Wasted time just wastes life.

Eugene Alletto
Quarterback/Founder and CEO of Bedgear®