My 2 kids (ages 3 & 5) were having trouble sleeping the night, which means Mom and Dad were not sleeping. Our children were fitted for the BG-X Youth Pillows and Thunder and Balance for my wife and I.  It’s been a long time since we all slept this good. It really does help you sleep dry, cool and comfortably. I will definitely recommend Bedgear to all of my friends, family and colleagues. Thank you Bedgear!

Christopher A. Lombardo, Senior Director, Global Partnerships

I said to my wife today "Is it my imagination or are the sheets I brought back very comfortable" she looked at me and said "they are the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept in" I just told her that you emailed me and she said "do they have white ones?

Mike Bossy, NY Islanders

One of the most important things for me before competing, even practicing, is to have at least 8 solid hours of sleep. To stay focused and energetic throughout the riding session, it is very important that I have a rested body and mind, and that my neck isn't stiff. Bedgear’s pillows keep this from happening and provide me with the greatest comfort possible so I can recover fully for the next day.

Javier Villegas, FMX Rider

As an athlete, sleep is something that is very important to me. Unfortunately it's not something I've been great at. Every little thing to help me sleep is important. Bed gear is my first step to better sleep. The pillow is guaranteed comfort in my opinion. It's by far the post comfortable pillow I have had. No pillow will ever compare. The sheets are equally awesome. The material is just perfect for sleep. Never too hot and never too cold, these sheets seriously are great! Bedgear is just what I needed for this off season for some serious recovery!

Greg Peavy, Minor League Baseball Player

Bedgear’s products have really been life changing for myself and my family. About six and a half years ago I was involved in a head on collision and since then I’ve dealt with neck and back muscle issues. Bedgear’s pillow line is amazing! I’ve tried so many different brands and have been unsuccessful in being pain free after trying to have a good night’s sleep. Since being introduced to Bedgear and having the opportunity to have my own personalized pillow, I have been able to sleep well and be pain-free. Their technology is amazing, like none other. I love the fact that my entire family can use their personalized allergy-free products. The products are cool to the touch and keep your body at the ideal temperature to help you sleep optimally. This is incredibly important to me since I am a sleep expert. Thank you Bedgear for helping me live a pain free life again and for helping my family sleep well on quality products. I will forever be grateful

Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer. Pediatric/Adult Sleep and Nutrition Consultant, CSC, CHHC, CLC and CRFE

I never realized that having the right pillow could change how well I sleep at night until I got my hands on a bedgear pillow. In my sport it’s common to take big crashes now and again leaving me with a stiff and sore neck that needs the support that bedgear truly offers. It’s been a game changer in the way I sleep and I couldn't imagine ever going back to that ordinary cotton pillow.

Andrew Taylor, FMX Rider